Top Five: Most Heartbreaking Character Deaths

The world of geek fiction is often wrought with more perils than that of the real world—how often do we have to battle hordes of zombies, invading aliens, or tyrannical wizard overlords? Many times, though, deaths in fiction are temporary—which means that those permanent deaths given much more of an impact. Thus, I present to […]

June LootCrate Unboxing!

Here is the video of my June LootCrate Unboxing! In other news, does anyone know how to get to the custom thumbnails on YouTube? Because I have some SERIOUS bad luck with getting the most unflattering generated thumbnails in the world.

DIY: T-Shirt to Tank Top!

Hey everyone! Here’s a new Summer of T-Shirt Surgery DIY! Here, I first attempted to make a tank dress that has a cut similar to the new Her Universe dressed (examples here and here). Unfortunately, I had a slight issue–and it wasn’t a problem that I created myself. Unfortunately, when you’re 5’10”, even XL shirts […]

Cosplay Tips: Painting Props

The costume I have planned for the Friday of Chicago Comic Con requires a shotgun. I bought said toy shotgun at my local Gordman’s the other day (yeah, who’dve thought?), and today I went to work making the $12.00 toy look…well…better. Here’s a picture of the original end of the gun. You can see the […]

4000 Pageview Giveaway!

Hey guys! I mentioned on my Twitter that I wanted to do something special when I hit 4000 page views. Well, I got to 4000 (actually, now I’m over 4000, but still), and here it is! If you’ve seen my Etsy page, you’ll know that I make geeky throw pillows. I’m going to be giving […]

Top Five: Video Game Weapons (for Use in Case of Zombie Apocalypse)

There are two things that I geek out about: zombies, and video games. Zombie videogames are, naturally, a lot of fun. However, I particularly enjoy imagining which in-game weapons I would like to wield in a real-world zombie apocalypse (fine, fine… “real world” zombie apocalypse). Here are my top five zombie apocalypse weapons. Blades of […]