DIY: Flutter-Sleeve Tie Shirt

Hey everyone! Here’s a new DIY for a shirt I made earlier this week. It can be worn as-is, or over a bandeau or camisole (I’ve worn it with a bandeau, but in these pictures I’m wearing one of those bras that’s just the cup, in order to show the cut-outs better). The shirt I’m […]

Etsy Tuesday: Bioshock

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m in the process of getting together a DIY, but I thought I would put an Etsy Tuesday together, as well. It’s been a while since I’ve done this. So many people are talking about Bioshock: Infinite (still) that it’s making me ridiculously jealous. I really want […]

Live OoT: The End

Hi guys. I’m sad to announce the demise of my Ocarina of Time cartridge. The cartridge has been flipping out since yesterday. It keeps freezing and glitching, and as of ten minutes ago, it was glitching every fourteen minutes (yup, I timed it). I was determined to go on, though…until it glitched so hard that […]

Hey everyone! My LootCrate came this morning, and I pounced on that thing right away! Here’s a video of my unboxing–if you’re getting a LootCrate and haven’t received it yet, there WILL be spoilers. Here’s the video! If you’re interested in getting your very own LootCrate (because really, who wouldn’t be?), then follow this link […]

Live OoT: End of Day Three!

Hey everyone! Day Three was the day I was dreading the most–the Water Temple. I set aside a whole day just for this temple, anticipating that I’d rage quit a hundred thousand times. I didn’t–I actually finished the temple fairly quickly. And I still have Steve, my fairy friend who has been with me since […]

Live OoT: End of Day Two!

If you’ve been following my #LiveOoT hashtag on Twitter, you’ll know that I reached my progress goal for today! I played through and finished Jabu-Jabu’s Belly, the Forest Temple, and the Fire Temple. Which means that tomorrow I face the bane of my gaming existence: the Water Temple. The first time I played Ocarina of Time, […]

Live OoT: End of Day One!

Hello, everyone! I just finished up Day One of my marathon play of Ocarina of Time! Here’s a vlog chronicling some of my thoughts while playing. You’ll have to excuse me, I think I drop a couple of swears once or twice. If you want to make your own braided halter top, like the one […]

DIY: Braided Halter Top

Since finals are finally done, I can get back to doing some of the things that I like to do in my spare time. One of these is altering t-shirts. I love geeky tees because I love to wear my geek pride everywhere. However, I have really broad shoulders, which make wearing women’s shirts (or […]