Review: Best of Both Worlds Showing

On Thursday I got to take a break from doing ALL OF THE POLITICAL SCIENCE and go see the screening of The Best of Both Worlds at the local movie theater. It was excellent. I dragged my boyfriend along with me and, even though he has the bad habit of judging everything that was, is, […]

Etsy Tuesday: Decals

That beauty that you see here is HAL. Why HAL? Well, I already have GLaDOS (my tablet) and Skynet (my laptop). She’s (yes, she) not quite complete yet–I have a new fan, video card, and power supply coming later this week–but she’s all prettied up on the outside and ready to share. You probably recognize those vinyl […]

Review: Emporium Arcade Bar

This past summer, a friend of mine told me about a bar near his apartment in Chicago. This bar, he said, was especially awesome because it was half bar, half arcade. So naturally, when I was planning my 25th birthday party, I thought of Emporium Arcade Bar. My early experience with Emporium was great. I […]

Etsy Tuesday: The Legend of Zelda

The purchase that inspired today’s Etsy Tuesday isn’t from Etsy, but the website certainly has a  lot of amazing Legend of Zelda-inspired pieces. Earlier today (after my paycheck was direct-deposited), I bought a Small Key necklace from Fangamer. Here’s a picture. They also have a Boss Key necklace, which I also wanted, but I wanted […]

Top Five: Things I’m Obsessing Over

I’m a little pissed at Etsy today (see this article from The Mary Sue for reasons), so I’m skipping Etsy Tuesday today. Also because I’m too poor right now (why, car, why?!) so I don’t want to foray onto the site and risk NEEDING TO SPEND MONIES. So, in place of Etsy Tuesday, here’s a list […]

Top Five: Best Video Game Character Introductions

Earlier this week, IGN ran an article called The Best First Encounters in Video Games. It listed those character introductions that the author thought were the coolest or had the biggest (personal) impact on the player. While I agreed with the ones that I, myself, had experienced, there were a few that I thought were […]