Some Shinies to Share

I was so distracted by International TableTop Day that I almost forgot to post this blog entry! I’ve been having a great time today–I spent a good five plus hours at my favorite local game store (the excellent and amazingly wonderful The Wandering Dragon. Everyone’s so great there, I love it!). Luckily, I came home for […]

Etsy Tuesday: Books!

I’ve been marathoning the Lizzie Bennet Diaries all day. I haven’t watched the show before, but I am loving it! So this week’s Etsy Tuesday is about themed on classic (or quasi-classic) books! The first classic book I ever read was Dracula (which you might not count as a classic, but I do). I was […]

Lack of Internet Means Lack of Posts

Hi Everyone! Last week was my Spring Break, which I spent at my parents’ house. While I was there, my devices refused to connect to their internet for whatever crazy reasons. This, of course, meant that I wasn’t able to do any updates. I have been working on some things, though, one of which I […]

Top Five: My Favorite Heroines

Hey everyone! I made a list of my favorite heroines to put up on International Women’s Day, and then completely forgot and put up an edition of Gamer Drama instead. So, here I am, fixing that oversight. Here are my five favorite heroines, from all types of media. Following that, I asked my friend Gabrielle to give […]

Review: Geek Battle (the Game)

I bought Geek Battle to play at my friend’s birthday party. The guests were basically all unabashedly nerdy folk, and I had only read good reviews about the game. It was on sale on, so I snatched it up and waited eagerly to bust it out at the party. Which is actually an accurate […]