Etsy Tuesday: Rayguns!

I’ve always considered rayguns to be the official Geekphoria mascot. They’re all kinds of geeky–present in the subculture from the days of classic sci-fi to modern-day steampunk. Also, I used them in one of my first DIYs–the Dry-Erase Calendar. This same calendar is hanging on the wall next to me. And still on November–at […]

Etsy Tuesday: Batman

My boyfriend and I have spent the day watching the Batman movies (well, except for the Adam West movie). Of course, we’re not all the way through yet, but we’re having lots of fun. So, of course, I had to make this Etsy Tuesday all about the Bat. I found this Sterling Silver Bat Signal Necklace  earlier […]

I love the Internet. And I re-made crafts.

I’ve been participating in the THANKATHON with Hannah Hart (@harto). I love Hannah. I love My Drunk  Kitchen. I love grilled cheeses (even though I burned it and used nasty cheese). I sent a picture in for the world record count! You can also see my awesome Classic Game Room glass! Hello, Harto! The glass […]