DIY: Tube Top

Hello, everyone! I hope all of you US readers had a good Thanksgiving yesterday–I know that I’m still almost too stuffed to move. I have for you a DIY I created last Wednesday (but then I managed to lose my camera. I know, I know. Lose my camera AGAIN). I have bought several t-shirts recently, and last week I decided to make one into a tube top. I think I’m going to alter it again and add a wider band at the top, but here’s the current iteration.

This is the T-shirt I used. I got it from Threadless.

I began by cutting the top of the shirt. I cut it as close to the collar as possible, in order to have as much room as I could for the elastic top.

Here is the top with the first cut.

Next, I cut off the sleeves at the seams.

I pinned the raw edges from the sleeves, and then sewed a new seam. I then took in the side seams a little more.

Once I sewed the sides together, I made a hem for the top. This is wide enough for elastic to thread through the top.

(Sometimes, a kitty comes to help you sew. Hi, Duncan!)

One that seam was sewn, I threaded the elastic through the top. Once I did that, I sewed the ends of the elastic together and finished the seam.

Here it is, finished and on the floor.

And here are a couple photographs of the shirt on. You can see that this needs a little more on top in order to pull of the look I was going for. It would have been better if there was more space between the design and the top of the shirt, so I could have put a wider elastic in it.

Ta-da! Here’s the end of the DIY. Let me know what you think! I have a product review to put up in a day or so, but have a good rest of the weekend.


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