DIY: Cartoon Canvas!

Hello everyone!

Sorry things have been on hiatus for a while–all of my free time has been destroyed by school and my job. Can’t they just let me spend all my time on the internet?

Today’s DIY is a little strange. The pictures come from my cell phone, because I have misplaced my camera. Hopefully I’ll find it in tine to post pictures of my Halloween costume (as I make it? I haven’t decided yet…). The problem with taking pictures with your cell phone isn’t so much the crappy quality (because an $84 camera isn’t much better), but the fact that you keep misplacing it in-progress. In light of my featherbrained-ness, here is today’s DIY!

First, decide what you want to paint on your canvas. I’ve been nursing an obsession over owls lately, so I decided to draw a simplistic cartoon owl. If you’re using the technique I use here, you want your picture to be simplistic–otherwise, you could become seriously flabberghasted.

I drew the owl onto a piece of Con-Tact paper cut to the size of my canvas (roughly). Then I cut out the owl’s body, his eyes, and his stomach feathers. Be careful to leave these pieces whole!

I then painted the background of the canvas. I went with a light yellow, because I thought it would look nice with the whole color scheme.

Then I peeled the back off the Con-Tact paper, and stuck the outline, eyes, and stomach of my owl to the canvas.

The next step was to paint in the owl’s body! I was able to use the sponge-brush to color in his purple-ness. You need to be careful around the edges of the paper, though–if you’re too vigorous in your brushing, you can peel back the edge of the paper and mess up your lines (which I did a couple times here, even though this is my second time using this technique).

Then I went in and painted in his features! Here, I’ve painted his wings, stomach feathers, feet, and eye-area brown, and his eyes black.

Once you’re done giving the creature features, you’re finished as soon as the paint fries! Here’s my owl (I’ve been calling him Peanut-Butter-Jelly-And-Banana-Sandwich, because that’s what he reminds me of) on my bookshelf! The bookshelf was going to be a DIY, but then I seriously messed it up. It was just mod-podged paper on a bookshelf anyway–nothing too exciting.

You can also see the Halloween card my Grandma sent me! Hi Grandma! (Just kidding, my grandma can’t work electronics so she’s not on the internet.)

I hope you enjoy this DIY as much as I did (despite the pathetic pictures). I’m getting quite attached to Peanut-Butter-Jelly-And-Banana-Sandwich, and I’m sure you’ll be just as fond of whichever friend you make yourself!

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