Space-saving AND Timey-Wimey

When I move out of my apartment at grad school and (probably) back into my parents’ house after I graduate, I will be giving some of my furniture to my sister (who is moving into a house for her senior year in college). Since I will be losing some of my stuff–and will need to redecorate my room at home–I was looking for some cool furniture that reflects both my need for space and my personality.
Speaking of space, I found it. And I use space in two different ways.
This was posted back in December on and was created by user msmuse1 and msmuse1’s dad. I wonder how much it would cost to commission one and get it sent from across the pond. I think it’s absolutely brilliant, and that my Gollum statue (from the Extended Edition of The Two Towers) would look just as much at home in there as msmuse1’s.

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