The First Avenger has the First Perspective

I haven’t worried much about The Avengers movie that is coming out this summer. It’s probably because Joss Whedon’s at the helm, and those are basically the most capable hands I know of in Geekdom. He’s always done well with large casts, from Buffy to Firefly. And I like the way he is approaching The Avengers. While he assures us that all characters are going to be featured equally (though I still can’t shake the feeling that Hawkeye is going to get the shaft, pun intended), the movie will be largely from Steve Rogers/Captain America’s perspective.
And this makes me happy.
First, we aren’t going to get muddled down with a thousand different points of view. Second, I think the Captain America movie was the most successful of all the individual movies that led up to The Avengers. I know that this may not be an opinion that is shared by everyone–especially since Iron Man was so well-received. I thought that Chris Evans was great in the role, and I was completely ready for the movie to go on for another hour or two after he work up in the present day.
So I am basically getting my wish, since Joss made Cap’s perspective the dominant one. We get to see him adapt to a whole new world (Thor, though technically in a different world, goes to enough of them that it doesn’t really phase him–especially if he has Mjolnir). It’s this journey I look forward to seeing.
Also, this gives some credence to the rumors that Hugo Weaving will be reprising his role as Red Skull. Whether he will actually show in the present day, or only be there in flashbacks (though what the flashback to that we haven’t seen in the Captain America movie is certainly a question), I’m excited to see him again. Hugo Weaving is excellent in any role, especially when he plays the villain.

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