Favorite superhero of the year? Please.

That awkward moment when the selected Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern as the best superhero this year.
I appreciate Ryan Reynolds as much as the next person (and as much as the next young woman), but really? I think this is best explained by the fact that 1) most of the people who vote for the People’s Choice Awards tend to be in the younger demographic–and not exactly the type of kids who will go see several superhero movies in one year (though I doubt they saw Green Lantern because, really, who did?) and 2) they probably looked at the category, saw Ryan Reynolds’ name, and voted for him without knowing anything about the actors or movies nominated.
Ultimately, of course, the People’s Choice Awards don’t really matter (so neither does this blog post). This is just my “wait…what?” moment of the day for you all :).

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