The Dark Knight Rises…Six Months Early

So the news on the internet is that there are already midnight showings of The Dark Knight Rises which are sold out in New York and LA. Apparently, Warner Bros. gives theaters discretion over when they begin to sell advanced tickets and these theaters began to sell them when the DKR prologue played during the new Mission Impossible movie.

Similarly, advanced tickets for The Hunger Games will go on February 22nd. This is an official move by Lionsgate, who have decide to put tickets on 74 days before the release due to the fact that the film revolves around the fictional 74th annual Hunger Games. While the DKR advance sales have only been for the midnight showing, the news  about The Hunger Games isn’t clear about which showings will go on sale.
Personally, I hope these super-advanced ticket sales won’t become a trend. I already plan to see both of these movies at midnight, which means I will have to buy tickets early. At least with The Hunger Games I know what day the tickets will go on sale. It seems like I am going to need to constantly check for advanced tickets for The Dark Knight Rises–which is slightly annoying. Though significantly less annoying than not getting midnight tickets.
Is anyone else alarmed by these advanced ticket sales? Do you think they could become a trend?

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