Top Five Dysfunctional Families in Geekdom

My cousin is getting married tomorrow, which means a lot of fun–but also a lot of crazy family members.  After the awkward and resentful family dinner we had on Sunday, this means only one thing: It’s time for my list of the top five dysfunctional families in geekdom!   1. House Clegane—A Song of Ice […]

Review: Days of Future Past

One of my favorite story lines in any comic ever is Days of Future Past from the Uncanny X-Men series. It was my first comic book, and it got me hooked. I loved Kitty, I loved the time-travel, and I loved how there was no solid answer on whether her trip to the past was successful. I also managed […]

Cosplay Updates!

Hi everyone! I’ve been a little off the radar lately, and I have to apologize for it. Life has been completely crazy, though! The end of the semester is getting uncomfortably close (and I have five research papers to turn in within the next four weeks). Also, there is only ten days until C2E2–and I am now […]

Cosplay Tips: The Benefits of Networking

Hey everyone! Today’s edition of “Cosplay Tips” is a little different from most. It doesn’t follow a list, or a “how-to” kind of model. Instead, I’m going to give you a little tip that has worked out wonderfully for me several times–build a network of cosplayers. Now, this network can comprise of those “professional” cosplayers, […]

Top Five: Geeky Couples

I’ll say this right off the bat–narrowing this down to five couples was really, really difficult to do. In fact, as of writing this introduction, I still have seven couples. But I will get it down to five, damn it. I have integrity. The title is not a lie. Today’s Top Five list is also Valentine’s Day-themed […]