Top Five Dysfunctional Families in Geekdom

My cousin is getting married tomorrow, which means a lot of fun–but also a lot of crazy family members.  After the awkward and resentful family dinner we had on Sunday, this means only one thing: It’s time for my list of the top five dysfunctional families in geekdom!   1. House Clegane—A Song of Ice […]

Top Five: Geeky Couples

I’ll say this right off the bat–narrowing this down to five couples was really, really difficult to do. In fact, as of writing this introduction, I still have seven couples. But I will get it down to five, damn it. I have integrity. The title is not a lie. Today’s Top Five list is also Valentine’s Day-themed […]

Top Five: Favorite Halloween Episodes

Welcome back to my Halloween posts! Today, I have a list of my top five Halloween episodes. Halloween episodes are usually the best holiday-themed episodes on TV. They skip the touchy-feely stuff and get right to the fun. Genre series will usually up the ante and try to surprise you. Comedy series will pull out […]

Top Five Zombie Titles in Geekery

Welcome back to my Halloween series of blog posts. In honor of my favorite monsters, and my currently-running giveaway, I am going to name my top video games, movies, and books with zombies in them. As a zombie connoisseur, I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on the best zombie titles in geekery. 1. […]

Top Five: Scariest Movie Monsters

Welcome to the second of my Halloween posts! Here I tell you the tale of my top five scariest movie monsters. These are all creepers who left a lasting impression, whether it was because I was a kid when I saw them or because they are just that creepy. So gather up your courage and […]

Top Five: Scariest Video Game Enemies

It’s almost Halloween which is, spoiler alert, pretty much my favorite time of the year. So here’s the first of my Halloween-themed posts: a list of the scariest video game enemies that I have ever faced.  1. Regenerador (Resident Evil 4) Resident Evil 4 was my first serious FPS play-through. Until then, I had been […]

Top Five: The “Best” Video Game Vacation Spots

I haven’t been as active as I would like lately since the semester started out at a full gallop, but the past couple of days I have been coming down with a cod and have been reminiscing on the joys of summer vacation (where I never caught a cold from students, thank you very much). […]