Top Five Dysfunctional Families in Geekdom

My cousin is getting married tomorrow, which means a lot of fun–but also a lot of crazy family members.  After the awkward and resentful family dinner we had on Sunday, this means only one thing: It’s time for my list of the top five dysfunctional families in geekdom!   1. House Clegane—A Song of Ice […]

DIY: T-Shirt Tube Dress

It’s been a long tine since I did a t-shirt surgery DIY! I think the last one was posted in February. It’s actually been a while since I altered anything–I’ve been doing more cosplay work than craft work lately. I began with this Arya Stark t-shirt from Tee Fury. It’s not available to purchase right now, […]

Top Five: Best (Fictional) Christmas Gifts…to Receive

Hi everyone! My finals are taking me a lot longer to finish than I expected, and I was feeling guilty over the fact that I hadn’t updated since December 5th. Luckily, Erin from The Pixel Party volunteered to write this guest Top 5. I hope you like it–I really enjoyed the theme and agree with […]

Top Five: Most Heartbreaking Character Deaths

The world of geek fiction is often wrought with more perils than that of the real world—how often do we have to battle hordes of zombies, invading aliens, or tyrannical wizard overlords? Many times, though, deaths in fiction are temporary—which means that those permanent deaths given much more of an impact. Thus, I present to […]

Game of Thrones Teaser Trailer

HBO finally aired a significant teaser trailer for the next season of Game of Thrones (which premieres on April 1st). I’ve already watched it twice, and it was a lot more exciting than the previous teaser HBO released (though I suppose teasers are supposed to get more exciting the closer you get to release day). […]

Etsy Tuesday: A Song of Ice and Fire Geeks

My currently-reigning obsession is George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (better known as Game of Thrones to the layman). So, since I am sick and not in the mood to do any political science tonight, I decided to go on etsy and post some of my favorite A Song of Ice […]