Review: Geek Battle (the Game)

I bought Geek Battle to play at my friend’s birthday party. The guests were basically all unabashedly nerdy folk, and I had only read good reviews about the game. It was on sale on, so I snatched it up and waited eagerly to bust it out at the party. Which is actually an accurate […]

Gamer Drama: A Story Critique of Red Dead Redemption

I’m going to begin this edition of Gamer Drama with a quote from the IGN review of Red Dead Redemption, written by Erik Brudvig (you can find the full review here). “It’s tempting to say that Red Dead Redemption is ahead of its time, but the reality is that this is a game of and […]

Gamer Drama: A Story Critique of Alan Wake

Hi everyone! This is, hopefully, the first of many Gamer Drama pieces, a group of themed blogs where I critique video games with a literary perspective. I enjoy video games for the game play and the graphics, but for me it’s the story that really makes the game. Let me know what you think, and […]

Review: The Gamer-Girl Collection by Espionage Cosmetics

I’m not the girliest geek out there–I’d admit it. In fact, the only reason that this is a “geek girl” blog is because girls are so ostracized in geekdom. If we weren’t a discriminated group, this would just be a “geek” blog. So I was very surprised with my reaction when The Geeky Hostess blogged about Espionage […]

Review: Revolution

When I first saw the promos for Revolution this summer, I was insanely excited. Why? Because I thought that they had decided to turn S.M. Stirling’s Emberverse series into a television show. I have only read the first two books so far (my mom introduced me to them only recently), and I have found them […]

Review: The Hunger Games

Warning, mateys. Here be some spoilers.     Last night I went to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. I was eager to see the film right away, but I was also apprehensive about going at midnight. The last few midnight showings I went to had a plethora of squealing girls–whenever the love-interests of […]