2014 Year in Review: TV and Movies

I’m a bit of a TV and film nerd. Not in the brainy, impressive way–but in the way where I will consume it vigorously. Some people developed a habit when Netflix started streaming, but I’ve had it all my life. Netflix, weirdly enough, allows me to manage my addiction. This is all meant to show […]

Review: Contrast

Despite being sick, I spent a few hours playing games for Extra Life (thanks to everyone who helped me reach my fundraising goal!). I played some of Slender: The Arrival, and I started and finished Contrast. I’ve been wanting to play Contrast since the PS4 was released. My boyfriend and I were killing time before […]

Review: Adler After Dark

Last month was my friend Amy’s birthday and, to celebrate, she wanted to go to this event at Adler Planetarium called Adler After Dark. Basically, they re-open the planetarium after hours to accommodate guests over 21 with booze, food, music, and science. It was a ridiculous amount of fun–the atmosphere is laid back, the presentations are “grown […]

Game Journalism with PixiClip

The video game reporting industry has basically been stuck in a rut. Almost every account of gaming culture on every site looks the same–which is why I jumped at the opportunity to use Pixi Clip to show how we can improve video game journalism! Pixi Clip is a virtual white board where you can set […]

Review: Days of Future Past

One of my favorite story lines in any comic ever is Days of Future Past from the Uncanny X-Men series. It was my first comic book, and it got me hooked. I loved Kitty, I loved the time-travel, and I loved how there was no solid answer on whether her trip to the past was successful. I also managed […]

Review: Godzilla

I was able to catch a showing of Godzilla on Thursday night, just before I went up to Chicago for Anime Central. I’ve been waiting for this to some out since it was announced, and each of the trailers got me more and more excited—I’ve loved kaiju movies since I was a kid. Godzilla was […]

Throwback Tuesday: Review–Telltale’s The Walking Dead, S2E1

This post was originally written for Junkies Nation. Since the site is on hiatus, I was given permission to cross-post my work there to my own blog. My first cross -post is this review for “All That Remains”–the latest addition to Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. You can find the original post here. Enjoy! Like many […]

Review: Nailed It! Nail Wraps by Espionage Cosmetics

Hi everyone! I received my Nailed It! Kickstarter perks from Espionage Cosmetics* on Friday (Valentine’s Day), and today was the day that I finally worked up the courage to put the first set on. I’m not the best when it comes to make-up and that sort of thing, so I was a little nervous about […]