30 Days of Gaming: My First Video Game

30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 1: Your Very First Video Game Like most people in their mid-twenties, there was really only one video game console when I was a kid: the NES. And, in my house, there were only two games. The first was Tetris. The second was this beauty. I spent a lot […]

Throwback Thursday: Opinion–The Fervor Over Game Reviews

This piece was originally published at Junkies Nation on September 19, 2013 [link]. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or raiding nonstop for the last five days, you’ll know that Grand Theft Auto V was released two days ago, appeasing GTA fans across the country. If you’ve been reading reviews as well, you’ll know […]

Top Five: Co-op/Multiplayer Video Games

My family and I went to Dave and Buster’s on Sunday night, where my brother and I played a few rounds of their new Mario Kart video game (we decided to end on a tie). Some of the best gaming moments are shared with friends: in fact, Lori from GirlHero.net and I have a streaming […]

Throwback Tuesday: Review–Telltale’s The Walking Dead, S2E1

This post was originally written for Junkies Nation. Since the site is on hiatus, I was given permission to cross-post my work there to my own blog. My first cross -post is this review for “All That Remains”–the latest addition to Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. You can find the original post here. Enjoy! Like many […]

Top Five: Video Game Crushes

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and, in celebration, I’m kicking things off with my list of my Top Five video game crushes. This list ranges from childhood crushes to full-fledged modern game hotties (Let me pause a moment to hate myself for using the word “hotties”). From the strong/silent type, to the […]

Gamer Drama: A Story Review of Pokemon Y

  Before you say anything—I know. Pokémon isn’t meant to be played for the story. The point of any Pokémon game is the Pokémon themselves—catching them, (EV) training them, and making the best team you can put together. The goal is always to beat the Elite Four, and then the Champion. It is to be […]

Gamer Drama: A Story Critique of Tomb Raider

    I began to play Tomb Raider shortly after I finished Mass Effect, and I finished the game in three sittings. I really couldn’t put it down. Obviously, I really enjoyed playing the game. I did wait to write the Gamer Drama entry, though, because I really wanted to think about the game and […]

Gamer Drama: A Story Critique of Mass Effect

My summer quest to beat games that I own but didn’t have time to play since they came out begins with the first Mass Effect game. Begins? On August 7st? Granted, I finished the game last week, but I haven’t had much time to write the article, considering all the work I need to do […]