30 Days of Gaming: The Character I’m Most Like

Okay, guys, let’s have an honest moment: I’ve been putting this off because I hate this question. I’m an FPS, fanstasy game player, and while I can see some  of my personal traits in my characters, I don’t think that I’m really like any of them–or that any of them are like me. Sure, there are tons of characters I […]

DIY: Video Game Display

A couple months ago, I saw these gold Zelda cartridges at my local store. I think they were selling them for $35 each, and I wanted them to display in my house…but not for that much money! So I found these on eBay, and my boyfriend gave me his boxes to display with the cartridges. […]

Unboxing: SDCC Edition

Hey everyone! I hope that those of you that went to SDCC are finally caught up on your sleep! As you probably know, I didn’t go to SDCC. But there were a few things I wanted to get my hands on, and I was able to! Mostly thanks to Lori from Girlhero.net. They arrived in […]

30 Days of Gaming: My Guilty Pleasure Game

It has taken me forever to decide what to write for this “day” of the 30 Days of Gaming challenge. I think it’s because I try my best not to feel ashamed or guilty about any of the geeky things that I enjoy. I want love the things that I love unabashedly. With that being […]

Game Journalism with PixiClip

The video game reporting industry has basically been stuck in a rut. Almost every account of gaming culture on every site looks the same–which is why I jumped at the opportunity to use Pixi Clip to show how we can improve video game journalism! Pixi Clip is a virtual white board where you can set […]

30 Days of Gaming: My Favorite Underrated Game

Earlier this week, during the Steam sale, I excitedly texted my boyfriend “Titan Quest is on sale!” He responded, “Isn’t that just Diablo, but worse?” But in all seriousness, this is a very popular point-of-view in the gaming world. I may be biased because I played Titan Quest long before I even heard of Diablo–and […]

30 Days of Gaming: My Favorite Character

I’ve been putting off writing about my favorite character fora little over a week. The reason– I couldn’t decide on a favorite character. Is it my favorite playable character, or my favorite character period? Is it my favorite hero, villain, or side-kick? The fact that I was musing so much on the nuances of this question really […]

Gadabout Gamers: My Dream Game

If you didn’t already know,  Gamerwife has a monthly blog linkup about gaming that I have been dying to get in on–but it’s always slipped my mind. Since school is out for the summer, I can finally take part in this awesomeness! Yay! The theme for this month is “My Dream Game”. Mariko herself came up with this […]