Indy Pop-Con Photoshoot: Death

I was really excited about my Death costume, and had plans for a photoshoot in a special location. Unfortunately, I was allergic to the make-up I used and I had to wash it all off. Fortunately, though, I had Eddie as a photographer! He was really awesome, and did some wonderful edits that made the […]

100 Likes Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! The Geekphoria Cosplay page on Facebook is almost at 100 likes, and when that happens I’m going to give away a prize pack based on some of my cosplays! Everyone who likes the page is going to have one entry in the contest! Either click the link above or the photo below to […]

Cosplay Vlog: Superwoman Crest Tutorial

I’ve embarked on the delightful path of vlogging some of my cosplay work. Here’s my first video, which functions partially as a vlog, and partially as a DIY. I filmed it using my DSLR, but the quality is eh. Do you guys have any ideas on how I could make these videos better? Leave them […]

C2E2 Photoshoot: Rogue

Hey everyone! I’m still recovering from my trip back to Chicago yesterday (So. Sleepy.), so I thought that I would share some of the photos from my Sunday photoshoot at C2E2. I wore my Rogue costume to take pictures with C.B. Lindsey, who was absolutely great and made such wonderful photos.   See more photos […]

Cosplay Tips: Costumes After a Con

You made your costume. You rocked it at the convention. Now you’re home from the convention–what do you do, now? Mending and Tending A convention can be rough on a costume, so your first priority is to look over your costume. You worked hard making it, and now is not the time to stop caring […]

Cosplay Updates!

Hi everyone! I’ve been a little off the radar lately, and I have to apologize for it. Life has been completely crazy, though! The end of the semester is getting uncomfortably close (and I have five research papers to turn in within the next four weeks). Also, there is only ten days until C2E2–and I am now […]

Con-At-Home Hangout: Cosplay

Hi everyone! Things have been really busy on my end–I have a research design due on Monday and a conference paper due on Wednesday–but I wanted to check in and let you know that Liz Locksley, Mia Moore, Williesha Morris and I will be taking part in the second-ever Con-At-Home Hangout! Yes! Once again, members […]

Cosplay Tips: Learning How to (Worbla)

The thing that I like the most about cosplay is the opportunity to learn new things! I took a big plunge today and dove into the sea of worbla. Sorry, that metaphor ran away from me. This post isn’t a post about how to do worbla, per se, as it is a post on how to […]