Cosplay Update: Project Cosawesome

Hi guys. I’m currently ridiculously busy as I try to catch up in school after being sick, and try to finish my costumes for a cosplay event this weekend. I know I should probably not go, in order to catch up, but I have already put so much time, effort, and money into this that […]

Four Geeky (And Fairly Easy) Halloween Costumes

Halloween means costumes and while some cosplayers aren’t into going big for Halloween, I can never resist an opportunity to get into costume. Even the years that I tell myself that I’m not going to put together a “real” Halloween costume, I end up doing it. I’m currently scrambling to put together a new costume, […]

Sewing Snags: When a Good Costume Goes Bad

I almost didn’t write anything for today because I’m cranky. I’ve been fighting with a costume that, until this point, has been going so. well. Now though, well, it’s looking a little rough. I was going to do a regular progress post today, but I thought I’d do an anti-progress post. I think it’s just as important […]

Adler After Dark Photoshoot: Sue Storm

I wrote a review for Adler After Dark last month, but Eddie just sent me the photos that he took and I’m ridiculously excited to share them with you! When I found out about the Adler After Dark event, I decided that I really wanted to make a spaced-themed superhero costume! I was able to put together […]

Sponsor Spotlight: Costume Playbook

Hey guys! I opened Geekphoria to sponsorship last month, and was lucky enough to have Costume Playbook decide to sponsor my blog! With our shared loved of  pop culture, cosplay, and costumes, I think we’re a great fit together. What is Costume Playbook, you ask? It’s a great site that provides ideas and guides on how to […]

Review: Adler After Dark

Last month was my friend Amy’s birthday and, to celebrate, she wanted to go to this event at Adler Planetarium called Adler After Dark. Basically, they re-open the planetarium after hours to accommodate guests over 21 with booze, food, music, and science. It was a ridiculous amount of fun–the atmosphere is laid back, the presentations are “grown […]

Deconstructing a Costume: Lady Shredder

I’m usually the type of person who tries to make costumes as close to screen- (or page-) accurate as possible. So when I decided to make my Rule 63 Shredder costume last Halloween, I was stepping a little outside of my comfort zone. I tried to replicate the armor as accurately as possible, and stuck with […]

Anime Midwest Photoshoot: Lady Shredder

If you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram account, I’m sure you noticed that I was re-making my Lady Shredder costume from last Halloween. I really wanted to wear it to a convention, but there were some pieces of the armor that weren’t sturdy enough to make it on the con floor. Also, the […]