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My name is Amanda, and I will be your blogess extraordinaire. In all reality, though, I’m just a life-long geek dying to share her love of video games, fantasy, sci-fi, crafting, and cosplay with the rest of Geekdom. By day I’m a mild-mannered political science Ph.D student, and by night I’m marathoning Star Trek on Netflix, sewing costumes and crafting props, and reading everything I can get my hands on.

I live with my boyfriend and my cat in Urbana, IL, in an apartment that my sister lovingly describes as looking like “a twelve-year-old boy lives there”.


Just a tiny bit of my nerd collection.


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Geekphoria is my home planet, but you can also find me and my work on these other sites:


2 Player Game Girls (Twitch) (Twitter)


Junkies Nation


“How I Learned to Love the Geek” (Published 5 Mar 2014)

“Taking Charge: What Star Trek Taught Me About Intelligence” (Published 25 April 2014)

What Alanna of Trebond Taught Me About Perseverance” (Published 13 May 2014)

“You Can’t Read That: Book Shaming and Nerd Culture” (Published 19 June 2014)

“Mean Geeks: Bullying Between Nerds” (Published 9 July 2014)

“Spoiler Alert: How to Talk About Geekery Online” (Published 20 August 2014)


Female Geek Bloggers Con-At-Home Hangouts

FGB Con-At-Home Hangout #1: British TV

FGB Con-At-Home Hangout #2: Cosplay

FGB Con-At-Home Hangout #3: Anime

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Chicago Comic Conventions (my subreddit)


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One-Shot Review of Assimilation^2

Comic Book Heroines Vol. 1

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Please consider enabling me to keep producing excellent content and cosplay by donating to my Patreon account. I buy all of my cosplay and crafting materials, and each of the games I play on livestreams, and everything I review. Even most of my giveaways are items that I’ve bought for you, the readers! If you’re not comfortable supporting me through Patreon, here are some links to my Steam and Amazon wishlists that can help offset some of costs I have in my quest to make the world great for geek girls everywhere! 

I’m always looking for sponsors or people to run giveaways with me!


Here’s a picture of my cat. Hi, Duncan!



Nominated by Brooke from The Adventure is Afoot!


If you have any questions, want to chat, or wish to commission something from my Etsy page, you can reach me at geekphoriaone@gmail.com!


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