30 Days of Gaming: Best Soundtrack

It’s really difficult to write about the best game soundtrack when you’re hilariously and horrifically tone deaf, like I am. I’m going to give it the old college try, though.

When I think about particularly effective soundtracks, two games come to mind. One of them, of course, is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Seriously, you’d think this game is the only one I’ve ever played in my entire life (but really, it’s just the one that means the most to me). I constantly find myself humming a tune from the game in my everyday life, and the music is so interconnected with the storyline that it develops a life of its own. It’s brilliant.

The Borderlands soundtrack isn’t as important to the story as the OoT soundtrack is, but it is probably the best soundtrack when it comes to exemplifying the tone of the game. It’s fun and badass at the same time, and keeps your energy up for all the fun violence :).

That’s all I have for you–but I’m hoping to hearĀ fromĀ you. I have a question for everyone who actually has an ear for music: which game soundtracks do you think are the best? I want to know in the comments!


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