New Year, New Goals

It’s a few days into the New Year and I haven’t gotten around to the typical holiday posts–because I was busy finishing a costume for Kollision Con, which was the Saturday after New Year’s Day. I had my typical photoshoot with Eddie B Photos, but those will come at a later date. Here’s a sneak peek, though–and you can also see some of my con friends, Casey (Tauriel) and Moe (Padme)!


I don’t typically do New Year’s resolutions or goals or anything like that because I am really bad at following them. I’m a creature of habit and, unfortunately, most of my habits are bad. The last time I made a list of New Year’s goals was 2013, and I only achieved a few of them. And that is giving myself half points!

But things are a bit different this year. I’m going into my last semester of classes, and I am single for the first time since I was 19. So I thought I might as well try to meet some New Years goals. Some of these are geeky, some are blog- and cosplay-related, and some are life and school goals–but here’s what I’m hoping to do in 2015.

  • Catch up on all the work I still have left to do from last semester (This is definitely a big one that needs to be finished soon!)
  • Attend my first big out-of-state convention with friends.
  • Defend my prospectus by September 2015.
  • Compete in a masquerade/costume contest and either 1) win a prize or 2) be moved up from the novice category.
  • Pass my last comprehensive exam in a few weeks!
  • Work out at least three times a week—I’m horribly out of shape and ridiculously lazy about going to the gym.
  • Stream on Twitch at least once a week.
  • Get one of my t-shirt designs accepted to one of the daily shirt websites.
  • Be featured on a cosplay review site.
  • Learn how to cast latex and resin for costumes.
  • Blog on a consistent schedule, preferably Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Start vlogging, and post on a biweekly schedule.
  • Get more comfortable working with spandex and make a bodysuit from scratch.
  • Sew more normal clothing, particularly dresses.
  • Cook more for myself, and find more fun recipes for one person.
  • Get Duncan to lose some weight!

What are your goals for 2015?


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals

  1. I don’t have too many resolutions! I never really complete them and honestly, more are things I should be doing anyway! You have a great list here though!

  2. I know what you mean about not usually being a resolutions kind of person. I’m exactly the same, but for some reason I also sat down and worked out some (much less impressive) goals for 2015. Could it be the year that we actually accomplish them? Let’s hope so!

    Good luck with your exam in a few weeks time! I’m sure you’ll nail it :)

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