2014 Year in Review: TV and Movies

I’m a bit of a TV and film nerd. Not in the brainy, impressive way–but in the way where I will consume it vigorously. Some people developed a habit when Netflix started streaming, but I’ve had it all my life. Netflix, weirdly enough, allows me to manage my addiction. This is all meant to show you just how much TV and how many movies I watch–which is a heck of a lot. Therefore, the last entry in my Year in Review is dedicated to the screen, whether large or small.

So without any further ado, here are my top three shows and movies that I saw in 2014.

TV Shows

The Flash










The Flash is everything I was hoping it would be. I like it even more than it’s predecessor, Arrow. The show is fresh and funny, but still manages to take itself seriously. It’s also endearing in a way that most show–especially most superhero shows–are not. Barry Allen is an everyman with a heart of gold, that just happened to come down with a slight case of the “Fastest Man In The World”.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23
My friend introduced me to this show when I was out with pneumonia, and it was definitely a bright spot. The pilot grated me the wrong way a little, but things picked up after it. The show has a perfect dark humor that meshes with my sense of humor perfectly. Also, James van der Beek plays an AMAZING version of himself as one of the three main characters on the show.

The Strain

The TV show that introduced me to the comic I love (I still have to read the original novelization), The Strain is a fun ride of horror. Guillermo del Toro created an awesome vampire story, and the TV show manages to improve on the pace of the story. The Strain is vampire horror done right.


Guardians of the Galaxy

There’s really nothing I can say here. I’m sure GotG is on everyone’s list of the best movies of the year, which is expected. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve seen all year, and I love showing it to people who haven’t seen it. I still crack up constantly.

Justice League: War

Justice League War takes place before and during the creation of the Justice League, and treats the characters well (and equally) while still telling a great story. This is the movie I tell people who want to get into the DC animated universe to watch first. I love it so much that one of the first cosplays I made this year was the JL War version of Wonder Woman.

Veronica Mars

I’m a HUGE Marshmallow. I’ve watched the entire series multiple times, and I was always disappointed by the sudden way it ended. Sure, the Veronica Mars movie wasn’t perfect, but it was desperately needed. It finally gave me the closure that I needed.

What were the best shows and movies you saw this year? I can always use recommendations, and I hope you enjoy mine! Have a great and safe New Years’ Eve, everyone!


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5 thoughts on “2014 Year in Review: TV and Movies

    • Lol, I actually REALLY didn’t like it. I felt like it was really derivative. The only part that seemed sincerely “Cap-ish” was the Bucky/Steve relationship. Everything else felt like a generic spy movie, and was pretty predictable. But that’s just my opinion. I enjoyed the characters, just not the story.

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  2. GotG was AMAZING! I saw it 5 times…I’m not ashamed of this (nor, am I bragging…I just loved it so much)!
    And yay fellow Marshmallow! It was such a good flick! I was/am hoping they make either another season with the leftovers from Kickstarter (forgive me, I haven’t read what all was used), or, OR, another movie cause that ending felt like: possibilities!!!

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