2014 Year In Review: Crafts & DIY

As I look back on this year, I notice that it was a little lacking in crafts. That’s easily explained, though, since I mostly focused on cosplay this year. Still, I have a few cute things that I made that I’m eager to share–in case you missed it.

DIY Desk Mat:

20140311_194519 (1)

I love my desk mat! It has definitely become one of my favorite things that I made this year. It’s the perfect way of adding geekiness to my desk itself, and it was so easy to put together. I also didn’t spend anything on it, since I had all the pieces at home. My favorite thing is finding new artwork or stickers to add to the mat–though it’s become more difficult to add them, since I switched my computer screens for a large TV set. It’s a lot more full right now, but I’m at my parents’ house so I can’t take an update photo (ack!).

T-Shirt Designs:


I designed a few t-shirts earlier this year, and I found my first foray into this form of geeky artwork to be a whole lot of fun! I haven’t done much since then, but I’m hoping to do more in 2015. I actually have a lot of half-finished designs that I should pick up again. I made two sets of designs. The first is the Women of the Batverse, and the second is Heroine Addiction. You can find them on my RedBubble page.


DIY Game Display:


What do you do when you have awesome video game collectible cartridges? You display that shit! I need to go back and fix this (the cartridges have since fallen down–the double-sided tape only lasted a couple of months), but I did really like the satin-lined shadow-box display I made for my gold Legend of Zelda cartridges. One of my friends was appalled that I put them into a display case, but I still love it! The Adventure of Link doesn’t work, anyway.

Custom Pop! Vinyl Figure:


I bought “materials” to make a couple customs this year, but I only managed to make one so far–thanks, pneumonia. I started easy, and made Constantine out of a Castiel Pop!. It just required some new paint–and a cigarette, of course. The writers of Constantine¬†somehow saw it and liked it so much that they shared it on their Instagram! Other viewers/fans had such nice things to say that I can’t wait to do my next piece.

That’s it for this year’s crafts! Have you been keeping up with my Year in Review? Check out the other entries as I count down to the New Year!


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