2014 Year in Review: Games and Comics

I spent a lot of time playing video games, tabletop games, and reading comics this year. I’ve made recommendations sporadically throughout the year, but here’s my ultimate recommendations for this year–plus some things that have disappointed me.

Video Games

I recommend Contrast.


Contrast wasn’t released this year, but I played it for the first time during Extra Life. I finished it in just a few hours–it’s a short game–and really enjoyed the time I spent in that world. I though the gameplay and the story line was equally imaginative, and that’s rare these days. It’s a great game for players of any skill level to pick up, and I can’t recommend it more. Read my review here.

I recommend Contagion.


I’m not sure when Contagion was actually released, but it was really big this year. As a fan of Left 4 Dead, I love co-op zombie survival games–and Contagion is one of the best. It’s greatest selling point is that it’s realistic. You can only kill a zombie using headshots, your melee weapons require you to use a lot of hits, you get tired, and–if you die–you come back as a zombie and try to kill your friends. It’s nothing personal.


I recommend Gotham Academy.


Gotham Academy is still pretty new, but each issue has been strong. It’s done a great job of showing us more about the world they’re building, but simultaneously setting up intriguing mysteries. The main characters are really likeable and sympathetic, and I can’t wait to see more from this team next year! It’s my favorite new title of the year.

I recommend Revival.


Revival is an amazing title. It’s the first thing I read when it comes out every week, and I was so disappointed when I got to the end of the trade paperbacks and had to actually start waiting for issues. I wrote about Revival before, and it’s still a great, deep comic lead by two amazing female characters. Also, there’s the undead.

I have–so far–been really disappointed by the new Batgirl. It’s very different from Gail Simone‘s run. It’s a lot lighter, which could have been good if it didn’t also feel like they had made the title sillier by trying to make it younger and fresher. It’s lacking a lot of the maturity it once had, and that’s what has me wondering if I will continue reading Batgirl. You can read my review of the current team’s first issue here.

Tabletop Games

I recommend Sushi Go.


I got Sushi Go for Christmas, and it was ridiculous amounts of fun! It’s a card game that is really easy to pick up, and it’s a good combination of luck and strategy. I haven’t played it with any kids, but it’s simple enough that I think you could play it with your family. It’s also freakin’ adorable.

I bought Snakeoil to play with my family, but it really wasn’t for us. Though I had been recommended it many times, I thought it was skewed a little too young for us. The gameplay was promising, but the cards had prompts that just weren’t interesting to a room of adults. I ended up giving it away to a family with four kids.


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  1. Definitely adding Revival to my to-read list! Looks pretty great. I’ve also yet to get my hands on Gotham Academy, but I may just wait for the first trade as I have a TON to read right now.

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