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I’ve been working on this post for a while now. A couple weeks back, Stewie decided to share some things about her early days on the internet, and invited people to join in. I’m slow to the party, though, since I’ve found it REALLY difficult to remember some of these things! But I pulled through, which means that I’m going to join Stewie in sharing my internet firsts today. (Read her original post– My Internet Firsts: A Weird Adventure Through My Internet Beginnings).

My First Usernames

Stewie started with her AIM usernames, but I think it’s fun to share more than just that. The fun thing about growing up when the internet really first kicked into gear was the ability to create usernames. You could interact with your friends (and new internet friends) with names that represented you even better than your own name did. You could learn a lot about a person from their username.


AIM Username: Fea Uf Este

“Is that even English?” You ask. Nope. It’s a rough translation of Sindarin–one of the Elvish languages created by Tolkein. This was my first username that didn’t have my own name in it, and I somehow made it the nerdiest things ever and the most emo thing ever. Este is one of Valar, and basically a combination of a healing spirit and the god of death. Fea uf is a very, very, very rough translation of “spirit of”.

Yup. Pretty cringe-worthy. Though I’m not talking about the Tolkein part. I’m talking about the part of me in middle school that thought I was a goth kid.

Livejournal: tabs_on_it

This was an awesome username that combined my author name (Tabloid) with a colloquialism! I felt so cool and so creative. I joined LJ because I discovered it alongside a lot of my friends from FF.Net, so this username made me identifiable to them.

My First PC Game

Star Trek: Klingon! My dad bought this around when I was 8, and it was one of the first real games I played on the computer. And I sucked at it. I don’t think I got past the first mission once. I never quite figured it out, but I remember enjoying all the silly Klingons.

My First Website

I went though a phase where I kept creating fan sites on Geocities just to abandon them once I was done “coding” them. None of them ever held my interest, which was probably due to the fact that I never quite understood how to build a following on a website. (I’m still incredibly bad at it). I don’t think they exist anymore, but I don’t know for sure since I don’t even remember what they were called!



One day (I was in middle school or elementary school), I playing at a friend’s house. She showed me this game that her brother had become obsessed with–Everquest. I bought it with my birthday money and played it for as long as my free trial lasted. I don’t know why I didn’t play longer–I think I didn’t think that my parents would pay for it–but Everquest was officially my first MMORPG.

I don’t play many MMORPGs now. The only one I’ve ever really gotten into since is DCU Online.

My First Online Club


There were a few online clubs that I wasn’t really active in, but when I was in high school I joined a Newsies fan club on We would log into chats pretty much every night and just bs about writing, life, and everything else we loved. It was a great community. Everyone was supportive of each other, and everyone got along brilliantly. I’m still friends with a lot of these ladies (and a few gentlemen), and it was really one of my greatest experiences online.

My First Real Blog

You’re looking at it! I blogged a bit in Livejournal and Xanga, but those were really just opportunities for me to write about my day and chat with my friends. I didn’t take anything there seriously, and didn’t even really think of them as blogs. They were more like social networking sites to me. Geekphoria originally lived on Blogspot, but last year Lori from created the site for me! Isn’t she great?


If you’re interested in sharing your internet firsts, you should definitely join in the fun!


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  1. Huzzah for LJ!!!
    But Newsies!!! I love newsies! I think it’s why I loved Bale as Batman (not just that, I honestly enjoyed what he brought to Bats for many reasons…but Newsies didn’t hurt).

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