Cosplay Update: Project Cosawesome

Hi guys. I’m currently ridiculously busy as I try to catch up in school after being sick, and try to finish my costumes for a cosplay event this weekend. I know I should probably not go, in order to catch up, but I have already put so much time, effort, and money into this that it would be worse to skip it than to go. I can do school work in my hotel room.

The event is called Project Cosawesome, and it’s an invited “cosplay pseudo-convention” designed for cosplayers and photographers to network and mingle. I’m still finishing three costumes: a punk rock version of Raven, She-Hulk, and Aqua from Kingdom Hearts.

Punk Rock Raven

A large group of cosplayers attending PCA have decided to create punk rock versions of DCU characters. It started with a group of Gotham City Sirens, and has evolved to include over fifteen characters! I’ve stated before that I typically try to be as faithful the the screen/page as possible when I create a costume, and I’ve enjoyed flexing my creative muscles with this Raven costume. I’m especially enjoying the wig I bought.


I’ve painted the Raven design on a t-shirt, altered the leggings, and created the hood for my denim vest. I still need to finish designing the jacket, though that should only take me an evening. I’m actually hoping to finish it after posting this update!

20141112_142954 20141112_142935

Left to do:

1) Put studs on jacket

2) Put together jewelry/belts



I’ve learned a lot from this She-Hulk costume. It’s my first fully lined piece, and the most I’ve ever worked with spandex. I also drafted my first leotard pattern, using a mix of an existing pattern and the leotard I have for my Justice League: Doom Wonder Woman. I made a few mistakes–I had to re-cut the layers a few times to make them fit correctly–and the crotch was a struggle. (Is that what you call it? Or is there a real term for it?) I’m pretty proud of the final piece, though it’s not perfect.

I bought this wig in Forest Green from Epic Cosplay. I’m also planning to follow this how-to video by Mango Sirene while buying and applying make-up.

Left to do:

1) Put in the zipper (which I can do tonight!)

2) Buy body paint




I have the most work left to do on this costume.I may not actually finish it in time. I’m going to be one of those crazy cosplayers working in the hotel room. I still have to try to put together the waist cincher and white straps at the waist. I also have almost all the armor to put together, and the wig to style. Finally, I need to complete my keyblade. Part of me doesn’t even want to put the effort into finishing the keyblade because it’s the wrong size. I decided I’ll just finish what I can for now and if I don’t get around to it I don’t get around to it. I’d rather have a completed costume that I’m happy with than a costume that’s not complete and a prop that I’m not happy with.


Left to Do:

1) Sew waist cincher

2) Create chest brooch and arm thingies

3) Sew white waist thingies

4) Make boot armor

5) Style wig


2 thoughts on “Cosplay Update: Project Cosawesome

  1. YES! I love the Punk Rock Raven!
    My friends and I did Punk Rock Rogue’s gallery cause we combined our fave genre, and our fave characters happen to all be in the the Rogue’s gallery! I was a crust-punk Joker!

    Are you going to SDCC?!? Cause if you are, and if you plan on being Raven, we should cooridinate a picture!!! 😀

    I can’t wait to see all of your cosplays!!!

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