Three Comics You (Probably) Aren’t Reading–But Should: Halloween Edition


We’re a little less than two weeks out from Halloween and–per usual–I’m wicked excited. Today kicks off the first in my list of Halloween posts. This past summer, I wrote a list of three comics that I think everyone should be reading. Now it’s October, and I’m bringing you another list. In the spirit of the holidays=, though, this list has a theme–these comics have magic, spooks, serial killers, and things that go bump in the night.

The Strain (Dark Horse Comics)


The Strain was my favorite new TV show this year (well, it may be in the process of being surpassed by The Flash), and it’s even better on the page. While the show was creepy and exciting, the comic is much better at setting up the suspense and bringing the (often gory) payoff. The characters are more sympathetic (if less developed early on), and the art is somehow horrifically disturbing and amazingly beautiful at the same time. The Strain has a great story with frightening villains, and brings something new to the vampire mythos–which is rare these days. It’s the perfect comic to curl up with as Halloween draws near.

Justice League Dark (DC Comics)


Justice League Dark is my favorite team in comic books, hands down. It’s comprised of all the supernatural and magical characters in the DC Universe and, although it has a rotating line-up, you can really get attached to the team. Sure, it can get a little dramatic, but that’s just part of the book’s charm. The great thing about the JLD is that you never know what’s coming next. It’s always full of surprises, and they’re typically spooky and magical–perfect for the Halloween season.

Chew (Image Comics)


What’s a cibopath? Read Chew and you’ll learn about this fantastical ability to get a psychic sensation from anything you eat. Tony Chu, the hero of this fantastic comic by Image, using us cibopath abilities to solve crimes with the FDA. The comic is laced with dark humor, and the artwork is one of my favorites in comics today. Chew has a delightful morbidity that will have you hooked from the beginning. Also, if you read this, we can find out what’s going on with all the chickens together.

P.S. Also check out Revival, which I highlighted in my last Three Comics list! 


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