30 Days of Gaming: Most Annoying Character

You guys know me. You guys know what I love. I am a Legend of Zelda fan through and through…which means that there is only one possible answer for my most annoying character:



If you ask a group of people my age who the most annoying video game character is, Navi will be one of the first named. Ocarina of Time came out when we were still pretty young, which means that we weren’t especially skilled at games–and Navi was programmed to make sure we realized what was going on. We were thus gifted with a chorus of “Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! Listen!”s throughout our quest to save Hyrule. Things have become even worse, though, since Ocarina of Time 3D. Navi has somehow become even more annoying, and she’s programmed to constantly try to guide us.

Of course, I do have a list of honorable mentions. While Navi is the most annoying character from my childhood, there is someone else who threatens to take her spot. Resident Evil 4 is another one of my favorite video games and, unfortunately, is plagued by the most annoying president’s daughter of all time: Ashley Graham. There are few things that get on your nerves like trying to wipe out a herd of Ganados while she’s standing behind you, shrieking your name.



Which video game characters are on your list of the most annoying characters ever? I’d love to hear it in the comments!


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