Review: Thor #1 and Gotham Academy #1

Yesterday marked the launch of two new female-led titles from both of the Big Two comic publishers–Marvel gave us a reboot of Thor, while DC gave us a horror-themed comic helmed by two young women. Gotham Academy and Thor are incredibly different, but both are giving us comic girls some new ladies to relate to–which is always good in my book.

Thor #1

Frost giants are attacking Midgard (again), Malekith is up to no good (again), Odin’s being a dick (again), and Thor is…crying on the moon? Alright, I’ll admit that I haven’t finished Original Sin yet–I haven’t been able to get my hands on #5–but Thor is down in the dumps because Mjolnir has broken up with him. Nick Fury whispered something in his ear to make him–and anyone else who has ever lifted it, including the All-Father–unworthy of Mjolnir. Of course, though, once he hears the frost giants have attacked he mounts his…aquatic goat?…and tries to save the day. Malekith kicks his ass, and everyone dies. Probably. The last two pages show a blonde woman picking up the hammer and becoming Thor.


So who is this woman? Signs suggest that it is none other then Thor’s mother, Freyja, who has been ruling over the recently-renamed Asgardia until her husband returned and tried to unceremoniously toss her out (it’s not clear if he actually has, yet). Odin tells her to return to her place, and she sends a sideways look at Mjolnir and mutters “Perhaps I will.” It’s extremely badass, to the point where I will be very disappointed if it’s not Freyja under the helm.

Marvel still hasn’t won me over–which isn’t surprising, due to the fact that the new Thor only showed up for a minute at the end of the book. They have still to convince me that this isn’t only¬†a big publicity gimmick. Although I am in support of Freyja as Thor, it seems even more temporary if she has taken the helm.

Still, though, the first taste of the new Thor came in the form of a pretty fun comic. The artwork is especially excellent–the book is beautiful throughout. It definitely has a lot of potential going forward. It hasn’t completely won me over yet, but I’d definitely give it a 4/5.


Also, I’ve included one of the variant covers, because I find it irresistibly adorable.

Gotham Academy #1

Although it’s aimed at a teenage crowd, Gotham Academy has the makings of a fantastic comic. It stars two female students, Oliver Silverlock and Maps Mizoguchi, at the prestigious and mysterious¬†Gotham school. Where Thor throws you into the action and turns the reveal we’ve been waiting for into a cliff hanger, Gotham Academy’s initial book is a well-crafted introduction to the characters and the new setting. The characterization is nice and subtle, providing us enough information to be familiar with the characters but not giving too much away. It also sets up the creepy atmosphere–the skeletal Headmaster, crumbling facades, rumors of hauntings, and maybe even more…


Gotham Academy has me really excited. It seems like we’re going to get a really good relationship between the main two (female) protagonists. We also have the mystery of the old school, and the mystery of Olive’s antagonism towards Batman. We can also find out what happened this past summer, and why she’s no longer “the same girl” she was last summer. There’s so much to find out in the story and I’m ridiculously excited to see what’s next. I would give the introduction to Gotham Academy a 5/5.


Have you read Thor or Gotham Academy? What did you think? If you haven’t picked them up, you should go to your nearest local comic book store and pick them up!

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  1. Okay, so I didn’t read the post closely because I literally just got these two yesterday. But I’m stoked to see you gave them both high ratings! I’m really excited to read these!!!

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