How To: Keep Track of Your Comics

Of course, I’m not talking about how to physically keep track of your comic books. There’s really nothing novel to talk about there–geeks will continue to board, bag, and box comic books until a dreamer comes up with a better way to do this. I’m personally a big fan of the boxes–they’re so convenient. It’s like a filing cabinet for my comics!


What I’m talking about is how to keep track of which comics you own. If you have even a decently-sized collection that you want to grow, you’ll need to have something better than just a good idea of which comics you own when you go to the store or a convention because if you don’t then you will have five or six doubles.


Piles of comics from A-L.

I got tired of constantly making this mistake, especially when buying from bargain tables at conventions. You know the ones–they have back issues for between 10 and 50 cents. But it also isn’t enough to know which issues you own. You may also want to know which writers and artists are in your collection, especially if you’re at all interested in getting your comics signed. This is where my Super-Awesome Comic Spreadsheet (yeah…I’m working on a name) comes in.

At this point, the spreadsheet is pretty simple. I may decide to split it between DC. Marvel, and Indy comics later on, though. Right now I only have a couple hundred comics, and they’re overwhelmingly made up of seven or eight titles. This means that it’s fairly easy to see everything in one list.


Each comic has its own entry in the spreadsheet, which is organized by the title of the series. Next comes the issue number, the writer, and the artists. I’ve also made a note of which comics are signed–and whether they’re signed by a writer or an artist. There’s one last spot on the spreadsheet where I can make a note that better describes the comic–if it’s part of a wider storyline, if it has a variant cover, it it’s a printing other than the first, etc.

What really makes the spreadsheet great, though, is that I can save it onto Dropbox and open it on my phone, my tablet, and my laptop. I can reference and revise my spreadsheet no matter my location.

I can’t wait to actually put this thing into action at Wizard World Chicago next week. I’ll let you guys know how it performs out in the wild! I’m especially  looking forward to expanding my Deadman, Hawk and Dove, Rat Queens and Nightwing collection!

4 thoughts on “How To: Keep Track of Your Comics

  1. Very clever. I’m all about organization via spreadsheets! If I ever find myself with a medium to large collection, I will have to do this as well. It seems really smart to include writers and authors so you know who to get to sign what!

    • I’ve been doing that with Ms. Marvel–I bought two duplicates already. And they’re only on issue #6. I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with me :)

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