30 Days of Gaming: My Guilty Pleasure Game

It has taken me forever to decide what to write for this “day” of the 30 Days of Gaming challenge. I think it’s because I try my best not to feel ashamed or guilty about any of the geeky things that I enjoy. I want love the things that I love unabashedly.

With that being said, and with the need to finish this day and move on, I’ve decided that the Harvest Moon series is my guilty pleasure game.


I tend to think of myself as an FPS gamer (outside of the Zelda series, of course). I also think that the gorier a game is, the more fun it is to play–mostly because I think that fake gore is funny, kind of like in old 80s horror movies. If things blow up when you shoot it, the better everything is.

So that’s why it’s strange that I love the Harvest Moon series. As a farming/life simulator, it’s basically the opposite of, well, all of that. And I have to count it as a guilty pleasure game because I typically keep my love of it a secret from the people I play with online. I enjoy the game because it’s calming and relaxing. The goals are fairly easy to achieve, plus there are really cute little animals to play with. There are some fun minigames and sidequests, and it’s just an all around enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.


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