Sponsor Spotlight: Costume Playbook

Hey guys! I opened Geekphoria to sponsorship last month, and was lucky enough to have Costume Playbook decide to sponsor my blog! With our shared loved of  pop culture, cosplay, and costumes, I think we’re a great fit together. :)

What is Costume Playbook, you ask? It’s a great site that provides ideas and guides on how to dress up as your favorite personalities or characters from pop culture. Each entry highlights a character, breaks down their costume, and even shows you where you can get your hands on similar items! It’s a great reference tool for all cosplayers, but especially for those who are new to the hobby.

You should definitely check out Costume Playbook–just click the pretty green button on the side of my blog–and see all the awesome costume ideas they provide. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, and an excellent tool for helping you to decide on a costume for your next convention or event!

I still have sponsorship ad spaces available for this month, so please follow this link or click on the button on the sidebar if you’re interested in supporting Geekphoria! The ads range from $3-$8, or are available for swap to other Female Geek Bloggers members!

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