IGGPPC Summer Camp Announcement!

The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club is all about bringing geeky girls together–and they’re really bringing it this August! IGGPPC is hosting a week-long cyber summer camp from August 16-24th! There’s going to be fabulous activities, such as DIYs, “campfire” Google+ Hangouts, webinars, tutorials, and giveaways!


I’m going to be hosting a geeky trivia night!

The details still need to be hammered out, but I’m super excited for it–and I hope you decide to join me! I’m going to be giving away some of my geeky pillows as prizes. Here’s a sneak peek:


If you’re interested in being part of this awesome event, just click the flier below! It will take you to the IGGPPCamp registration page. Don’t worry–registration is free!


The schedule should be out fairly soon, and I’ll update you more as the camp gets closer! <3


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