Junkies Nation Re-launch

So I missed posting on Friday (oops). And I don’t quite have anything ready for today (seriously, how do I get pictures off my camera’s internal memory?)–but that is all because of a very exciting announcement!


Junkies Nation has relaunched!

I wrote for JN last fall and winter, and then the people who run it decided they needed to take a break and re-evaluate how they were presenting the site. Since taking a break, they have combined a few sites that they run under the Junkies Nation name (we’ll miss you, Rift Junkies). They have also largely cut down on the things they cover, preferring to focus on PC gaming.

Except for me. I am in charge of all the geek culture articles! ALL OF THEM. It’s a little daunting.

So since the site relaunched on Friday, I was writing and writing and writing so that we’d have tons of new content over there. Typically, though, something I’ve written will be posted 3-5 days out of the week.

I’ve also resumed the Weekly Cos-Day articles, where we feature cosplayers and their great costumes. If you’re interested in submitting a picture, please send it to amandab@rerollz.com.

Until then, there are tons of new articles up that you should check out! Here’s picture link to my page–you can see links to all the articles I’ve written there.


Happy reading, and I’ll see you with your regularly scheduled content on Wednesday! (Seriously. HOW DO I GET THESE PICTURES?)

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