Deconstructing a Costume: Lady Shredder

I’m usually the type of person who tries to make costumes as close to screen- (or page-) accurate as possible. So when I decided to make my 3 Shredder costume last Halloween, I was stepping a little outside of my comfort zone. I tried to replicate the armor as accurately as possible, and stuck with the draping of the cape–but the main body of the costume changed a bit.

Here’s a picture of the original cartoon Shredder, for comparison:

Shredder wears pants and a tunic, with a black belt. I wanted to keep a similar look, but feminize it a bit.

My solution was the leotard, tights, and sash combo. And my inspiration came from the superhero universe of comic books–specifically, I was influenced by the Ms. Marvel costume.

I love the look of the leotard and sash, and the dark tights help me to preserve this look while still keeping Shredder’s look.

A second significant change that I made while feminizing the Shredder costume was the wig. I used a medium-length black wig–that turned out to be too short. So I added a ponytail clip, and then bought black cord and different sized spikes. I braided the spiked into the wig, to make it look tough.

This was influenced by the Beka Cooper series, written by Tamora Pierce (one of my favorite authors! (You’ve heard about here on here before–I talk about the Lioness series a lot :).) Beka Cooper starts off as essentially a medieval beat cop, and she braids a spiked leather band into her hair in case someone grabs hold of it in a fight. I always thought that was ridiculously badass, while still maintaining the character’s femininity. Here’s the closest view of the braid that I have:

And that’s that for my costume write-up! I thought you guys might be interested in seeing where my ideas for Rule-63ing Shredder came from :). Hope you enjoyed it! I’ve also included an Amazon Affiliates link, in case you’re interested in checking out Terrier (P.S. You should definitely be interested.)

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