Anime Midwest Photoshoot: Lady Shredder

If you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram account, I’m sure you noticed that I was re-making my Lady Shredder costume from last Halloween. I really wanted to wear it to a convention, but there were some pieces of the armor that weren’t sturdy enough to make it on the con floor. Also, the helmet was about five pounds, and some of the pieces were cracked or broken. Basically, I felt like all the armor pieces needed to be re-done, but the fabric pieces were good.

Though there were still a few issues with the re-made armor–the velcro is a little weak and should be replaced, and limits some of my mobility–I really enjoyed the way everything turned out. So before I share a more detailed description of the costume (there’ll be a blog post sometime next week), I wanted to share some pictures from my photo shoot!

I shot with Eddie B Photos again (go and “like” his page–he does ALL OF THE COSPLAY SHOOTS).

Here are a few of the pictures. I’m going to put more up on the Facebook page Sunday morning!

Shreddar (17)

Shreddar (21)

Shreddar (47)

Shreddar (60)


Hope you like them, and make sure to check out my Facebook page for more!

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