30 Days of Gaming: My Favorite Character

I’ve been putting off writing about my favorite character fora little over a week. The reason– I couldn’t decide on a favorite character. Is it my favorite playable character, or my favorite character period? Is it my favorite hero, villain, or side-kick? The fact that I was musing so much on the nuances of this question really […]

DIY: T-Shirt Tube Dress

It’s been a long tine since I did a t-shirt surgery DIY! I think the last one was posted in February. It’s actually been a while since I altered anything–I’ve been doing more cosplay work than craft work lately. I began with this Arya Stark t-shirt from Tee Fury. It’s not available to purchase right now, […]

Gadabout Gamers: My Dream Game

If you didn’t already know,  Gamerwife has a monthly blog linkup about gaming that I have been dying to get in on–but it’s always slipped my mind. Since school is out for the summer, I can finally take part in this awesomeness! Yay! The theme for this month is “My Dream Game”. Mariko herself came up with this […]

Recap: Indy PopCon (Wednesday & Friday)

This weekend was the inaugural Indy PopCon, and it was a great convention. Overall, the con ran better than many older cons that I have been to. Here’s part one of my traditional convention recaps. My time at Indy PopCon (er… IPC-sponsored events) began on Wednesday. I had heard that Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game […]