Indy Pop-Con Photoshoot: Death

I was really excited about my Death costume, and had plans for a photoshoot in a special location. Unfortunately, I was allergic to the make-up I used and I had to wash it all off.

Fortunately, though, I had Eddie as a photographer! He was really awesome, and did some wonderful edits that made the costume look as good as it would have with the make-up. Eddie is great, and I really can’t recommend working with him enough. I’m going to put his contact information at the end of this post so you guys can have the opportunity to work with him, too!

As usual, you can see all the pictures from this shoot on the Geekphoria Cosplay Facebook page.

Death-6 WR

Death-11 WR

Death-18 WR

Death-21 WR

Death-33 WR

Death-38 WR


Here’s Eddie’s Facebook! If you’re going to Anime Midwest, NYCC, or Wizard World Chicago, you should reach out to him for a shoot :).

6 thoughts on “Indy Pop-Con Photoshoot: Death

  1. Too bad about the makeup. I have super sensitive skin and hate when that happens. The photos turned out great, though. You make an excellent Death!

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