Three Comics You (Probably) Aren’t Reading–But Should

I love to talk comics with people–and one of my greatest disappointments is when I read a title that no one else I know reads. I can’t talk about it with anyone! So that’s why I’m doing this post today: to introduce you all to some of the comics that I love. I’m so excited about this that I’m going to make it into a regular thing!

Red Lanterns–DC Comics



I was never a Green Lantern fan until the events of Blackest Night (that’s how you make me like something–add zombies). I read Blackest Night because of the other characters, but I was introduced to the Green Lantern universe and met one of my favorite characters–Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern. However, Larfleeze’s title is a little underwhelming. I think he’s much better as a supporting character. However, Atrocitus (and his counterparts) are able to hold a title much better. The Red Lanterns are powered by rage, and they seek vengeance against injustice. Of course, they’re overly violent and callous about it–but that’s what makes Red Lanterns delightfully dark. In the first two volumes the Red Lantern Corps face two intriguing challenges–first, Atrocitus’s position is threatened from the inside and in the second, the power lantern is poisoned and the lives of all Red Lanterns are threatened. Martian Manhunter also shows up for a while. AND it has plenty of Dex-Starr in it.


He wears his power ring on his tail! Adorable!

Revival–Image Comics



I read about Revival in a list of great indie comics, and I had to pick it up. It’s a “rural noir” about a small town in Wisconsin just after the recently deceased come back to life. They’re seemingly normal–at least, at first.  The story revolves around a family–Officer Dana Cypress, her sister Em, their father, and Dana’s young son. The sisters are the center of the story, which is great. It’s rare to see a book that has two main characters who are female. And Revival is a story that is very character driven. Some complain that this means there’s too much to remember, but I disagree. I think it has the perfect amount of depth. I love the book so much that I’m planning to cosplay as Em really soon, in the outfit from the cover.

The Books of Magic–Vertigo Comics



I almost put Justice League Dark on this list, but I didn’t want more than one title from a single publisher on this list. It’ll have to go on another recommendation list, later. Anyway, one of the story lines in JLD features the main character of this series–Timothy Hunter. It’s a story about a dark-haired, bespectacled British boy (no, not that boy), who thinks he isn’t anything special. When he meets a bunch of DC’s magic users, though, he learns that he has the potential to be the greatest magic practitioner ever. (And, before you ask, this was published in 1990). The art is gorgeous, and changes to show the magic lenses through which we can see the world. Best of all, though, it’s written by Neil Gaiman. Everything written by Neil Gaiman is great. I love Neil Gaiman.

Death-18 WR


Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Do you have any alternative recommendations?


11 thoughts on “Three Comics You (Probably) Aren’t Reading–But Should

  1. I’ll have to check out Revival and The Books of Magic. I just picked up Image’s “The Wicked + The Divine”
    I’m going to try and do my first comic review around it too!

  2. Oh, all of these look good! I’ve been interested in getting into more of the Lantern Corps comics recently, so I’ll have to pick this series up. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Ooooh! Revival looks so up my alley. Definitely need to get my hands on that one. And I regret not getting into Books of Magic more when it had its initial run. Might be time to check it out, finally.

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