Recap: Saturday at Anime Central

I bought a weekend pass to Anime Central, but I was only able to attend Saturday due to the end of my finals and my cousin’s wedding shower. I cobbled together a quick Ariel costume, and left for the convention early on Saturday morning.

As usual, I spent most of the day wandering the convention floor. I decided to be good and “shop” for good prices but, as a result, some of the things I wanted were sold when I went back for them. At least I spent less money?

I did pick up some awesome things, though: a couple plushies, a flask, and some jewelry.

For most of the day, my wandering partner was my brother, his friend, and his friends’ girlfriend. Some of my other friends were around for the convention, but were spent pretty much all day at their nearby hotel room. Since it was my only day at the convention, I just made plans to join them for the night activities (the Bubble dance party, burlesque show, and late-night Pokemon trainer challenge). I spent a short time with another girl I knew at the convention–but I left after a short time because her friend was bothering me. I might write more on this later, once I get my thoughts in order, but she was being incredibly critical of other peoples’ cosplay–saying they were doing things “wrongs”, that they were “fake” or “posers”, and it basically infuriated me. Also, she said Pokemon were stupid.

It’s okay, babies. I still love you.

The convention floor was smaller than some that I’ve seen, but there are tons of great displays and professional booths that still made it one of the best I’ve seen. Here are a few pictures:

I spent the evening attending different panels. First, I tried to go to the Masquerade–but the line to get it was out of the hotel and down the street! It was nuts!

Instead, we went to a trivia panel where people from the audience were able to play for DVD prizes. The losers received VHSs :). I love trivia, and I love watching people play. I don’t know a lot about anime (and some of the questions/categories were insanely specific), but it was still a lot of fun to watch.

After that, we got in line to see the Attack on Titan panel. It was a fan-run panel which–to me–can be hit or miss. For the short amount of time I was there, this panel mostly fell into the second category because it was way too reliant on a Powerpoint presentation. I ended up leaving about ten minutes into the panel, though, since they said they were going to discuss spoilers and I’m only partway through the manga. So it could have improved. And I was very glad that they announced they were going to spoil some things, so I had the opportunity to leave and not be spoiled.

My brother and his friends stayed in the panel, though, so I wandered back from the Convention Center to the Hyatt in order to find some food. There was a lobby restaurant that served alcohol and sushi, so I sat and snacked until they were done.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the night activities. My brother was coming down with a cold, so we elected to go home at around 9:00.

I did enjoy my first taste of an anime convention, though! I can’t wait to go back next year, and stay for longer. There’s even another anime convention in a few weeks: Anime Midwest during the week of the 4th of July. I may check out another day there!

For now, though, enjoy some awesome cosplay pictures!

My brother is officially the world’s tallest Ash Ketchum.

Merida was behind us in line and I had to get a Ginger Princesses picture.

Until later, A :)

3 thoughts on “ Recap: Saturday at Anime Central

  1. AH! I love your Ariel!!!
    And wow! There are a lot of great cosplays!!!
    I’m sorry about that other chick. What a bummer!

    Maybe she feels “threatened” that geekdom is so…accepted. But that can be good. Like, people won’t be picked on as much they used to!
    And seriously: “Posers”?!?! People still use that?

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