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I was able to catch a showing of Godzilla on Thursday night, just before I went up to Chicago for Anime Central. I’ve been waiting for this to some out since it was announced, and each of the trailers got me more and more excited—I’ve loved kaiju movies since I was a kid.


Godzilla was a perfectly enjoyable movie. I wouldn’t say it was great, but I wouldn’t say you definitely shouldn’t pay to see it in theatres. And I definitely wouldn’t say you should avoid it entirely. Just that maybe it should be called Watch-This-Familial-Drama-And-Also-What’s-That-in-the-Background?-Zilla. I can see why they went with Godzilla, though—it’s much less of a mouthful.

The movie’s plot is pretty basic, which means it’s actually kind of dull and overly-predictable. It made it a little difficult for me to care about the characters, since they didn’t strike me as distinctive individuals. A lot of this seems to be due to the script itself. It even made Ken Watanabe boring, and I LOVE Ken Watanabe. It is also frequently frustrating—the characters are constantly making the wrong decisions, and the same mistakes over and over again.

The biggest sin of the movie, though, is that Godzilla himself is barely a supporting character. There are other kaiju—called MUTO—that are present for most of the movie. Godzilla shows up an hour and fifteen minutes into the movie (I checked) and we only see bits and pieces of him outside of his first scene and the climax of the movie. There was one scene where the Muto and Godzilla were about to face off and…it cut away to the personal conflict! I nearly yelled at the screen. In retrospect, it kind of felt like the producers spent most of their SFX budget on other parts of the movie, and then thought “Oh, yeah, we almost forgot about Godzilla. We have enough for 18 minutes of kaiju.”

To wrap up this short review—Godzilla is alright. It’s a little boring, a little predictable, and a little too lacking on Godzilla. But Days of Future Past doesn’t come out until Friday, so what else are you going to see between now and then?



tl;dr (Minor spoilers).


  • Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe should be in every movie.
  • There were some really beautiful shots in this movie, and they did a really good job blending special effects into the movie artistically.


  • Godzilla’s nose reminded me of the new Turtles in Michael Bay’s TMNT movie.
  • How many times do your planes have to fall out of the sky due to monster’s EMP powers before YOU STOP FLYING PLANES? Answer: a hell of a lot because they don’t stop.


2 thoughts on “Review: Godzilla

  1. I hate when the movie is about a special-effects-requiring-titular-character: and they are BARELY in it.
    I’m refusing to gic DoFP any money because I DESPERATLY desire Fox to lose the rights.

    I want my mutants back dammit! (Also, I HATE how Fox & all involved how portrayed characters I grew up reading. It often just feels like a slap in the face and a “you get to see their powers on screen don’t ya? Shut up and take what we give you” sort of thing).
    **end rant**

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