Let Me Tell You About My Cat!

I’ve been reading the Red Lanterns series lately, and if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen this tweet I made earlier:


If you know nothing about the Green Lantern comics (and, by extension, nothing about the other Lantern Corps), the Red Lanterns are a group powered by rage and vengeance. I had thought that it was a little silly to have a cat in the Corps, but chalked it up to one of those things comic books just do.

Plus, look at that face. He’s even adorable when he’s vomiting napalm all over the place.

But when I was looking for the perfect picture to show on Twitter, I accidentally stumbled upon a couple of panels from the Dex-Starr one-shot that was published with the Brightest Day volumes. This one-shot gives the back-story of Dex-Starr and, without giving anything away, it just gives me ALL OF THE FEELS.  Like, rip my heart out, make me want to curl up and cry type of feels. Snuggle-my-own-kitty-so-much-he-wants-to-run-away type of feels. And as someone devoid of  most human emotions, this means a lot.

So, in honor of Dex-Starr and sad kitty feels, I’m going to share some pictures of my cat with you with the hope that if he would turn into a rage-filled vengeance monster if he went through the same things as the-cat-formerly-known-as-Dexter. 😉



What is the strangest thing to really get to you and tug on your heartstrings, whether from comics, movies, or TV? Mine is Dex-Starr, and my mom cried when she saw the Rugrats movie. What is your strange, nerdy tear-jerker?

6 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About My Cat!

  1. I sobbed when Matt Smith’s Doctor gave his final speech. Then to add to the feels, Amy’s “Raggedy Man”. Basically I was a mess for Christmas

  2. Uh oh, that sounds so sad. Anything sad to do with animals ALWAYS gets me. Especially in books. Human dies, no big deal. Animal dies and I lose it.

    • I’m the same way. I was telling my boyfriend about the movies I cried during and it basically went “Homeward Bound…My Dog Skip…Where the Red Fern Grows…Marley and Me…”. Even I Am Legend.

    • But are they motivated by fear? I think fear in yourself needs to be the motivation to be a Yellow Lantern, but instilling fear into others (because of the intensity of your rage) is a Red Lantern thing.

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