Show Off Your Geek Space: Geekphoria

I’ve been wanting to show off some of my apartment for a while, and this link-up by The Princess & The Geek was the perfect excuse for me to do so. I learned about this from The Nerdy Girlie, so make sure to check out her geek space, too!

We’ll start off with my desk! I’m a graduate student and a primarily PC gamer, so I spend most of my time in this part of my apartment. Therefore, I have a large percentage of my nerdy things in my room (the desk is in the corner of my bedroom).

There is tons of artwork, a geeky desk mat, two monitors, and my nerdy erasable calender (one of my first DIYs!)



Here is another picture of the desk mat. I have the DIY for it here. It’s a giant collage of nerdy things under my computers, plus Zelda stickers on the desktop and my Batman mouse pad (which, I just noticed, is upside down). Finally, you can see my new 20-sided-die stress ball next to my Batman glass. This is becoming essential as finals get closer!


Here’s a closer look at the art on my back wall. You can also see my awesome Scribblenauts blind box figurines. They are two of my favorite characters–Batman and Deadman!



Of course, there is a lot of other geeky stuff all around my apartment. I’m just going to show you the clean areas for now :)


Here is my TV set-up. I have collectibles, games, tons of DVDs, and about half of my LotR collection there. This is where all the relaxing happens!




Finally, here is the dining room. It’s cut like this because ALL my C2E2 stuff is still strewn about it. But there is most of my batman collection, plus all my nice collectibles in the display shelf. Thepicture on top of the bookshelf is a cross-stitch I made that reads “Zombies only want you for your brains.” I like to work here if I don’t have enough mojo going on at my desk.

Do you have a blog and some awesome geeky spaces? If so, you should join in and post them! I’d love to see everyone’s geeky spaces.

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