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Hi everyone!

I’ve been a little off the radar lately, and I have to apologize for it. Life has been completely crazy, though! The end of the semester is getting uncomfortably close (and I have five research papers to turn in within the next four weeks). Also, there is only ten days until C2E2–and I am now officially working on three costumes for it.

The good news is, though, that I’ve made a lot of progress. I’m about 80-90% done with Rogue and Enchantress, and though I’m only about 15% finished with Wonder Woman. This is the costume that I’m making:



I have the wig, the leotard, and the base for the sword. Still on my to-do list?

  • construct chest armor
  • “tiara”
  • sword decoration
  • arms and gauntlets
  • boot covers
  • wig styling
  • make-up test

It’s quite a bit to do, but I’m pretty sure I can pull it off. I hope to wear it for the Superhero Bar Crawl on Saturday night. If it’s not finished by then, though, I’m going to wear it to Indy Pop Con at the end of May (oh, yeah, I’m going to Indy Pop Con now).


Next up is Enchantress. I don’t have a lot of pictures of my progress with this costume yet–especially since I went back and changed a few things. I think I’m going to completely re-do the necklace, and I’ve already re-sewn the hood. Here is the full dress/tunic. I need to put in the straps and v-neck border, and then hem the skirts a little shorter, but it’s almost done.

Enchantress Screenshot (2)

Here’s the full to-do list:

  • neckline/straps
  • hems
  • belt buckle
  • replace choker strap, paint necklace
  • arm covers

And, in case you haven’t seen it, here is my make-up and hair test for Enchantress:


The wig reacts to light a little strangely and looks incredibly lighter. But it’s going to be mostly under the hood, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Finally, we have Rogue. It’s been incredibly fun to share updates on my armor-making and worbla work on Instagram, so you’ve seen these pictures if you follow me there.

IMG_20140409_131717 20140414_122929


The left is the shoulder armor, and the right is my still in-progress belt. Here is also an in-progress picture of the costume. I’ve added the straps to the chest piece since then, as well as added the shoulder armor to the straps. As you see above, the belt is being painted and put together :)



Here is the rest of my to-do list for Rogue:

  • wig styling
  • make-up test (but I need to wait for my purple contacts to show)
  • finish painting and constructing the belt
  • knee pads
  • buy or borrow combat boots


I hope you guys enjoyed my little update! I wanted to share my progress–plus, it’s really nice to list out exactly what I need to do to finish the costumes! Lists are the best kind of things (which I also why I like doing my Top Fives).

If you want to keep up with my cosplay progress, there are two places to get frequent updates. The first (and best) is my Instagram. The second is the Geekphoria Cosplay Facebook page–which is still being developed. I’m really going to kick things off there when I get pictures back from my C2E2 photoshoots, but I’ve been doing a few little updates until then. All “likes” would be appreciated! :)


Just another couple of announcements: my Women of the Batverse giveaway ends on Thursday. If you haven’t entered to get a set of prints, here’s the link to the post!

Also also: just a quick reminder that tonight (10/9c) is the third Con-At-Home Hangout. Mia Moore, Joie Fatale,  Jessa Phillips, and Jocelin Leige will be discussing Anime! I’m excited to see what they day–I don’t know a lot about Anime, but I’m going to my first Anime con in about a month! Look for the link to the Hangout under the hashtag #FGBAnime!




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  1. You can do it!! Looks like you’re close to done for most of it!

    Also, I find it hilarious that we posted the same thing on the same day, lol! Yours was a lot briefer than mine – I need to learn to be succinct!

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