Top Five: This Years’ Best April Fools’ Pranks

In the past few years, I’ve begun to look at any announcement or article published on April 1st with skepticism. It seems like every website has jumped on to the April Fools’ bandwagon, which means that about every other article is a prank. Sometimes even entire websites change for the day, like The Mary Sue (which dedicated itself to cat meme news).

This means, of course, that there were tons of pranks and jokes to choose from for this list of the best five of 2014.


1. NPR

NPR played an excellent prank on people who comment on articles without actually reading them. The news source posted a link with the headline, “Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore?” Commenters on Facebook threw a fit, and eagerly professed that they always read. In fact, they are reading right now! Of course, that’s wasn’t entirely true, because this is what the headline linked to:



Well played, NPR. Well played.


2. Think Geek

Every year, Think Geek does an excellent job of putting products on sale that I want, but can never actually own. This year, Worf himself convinced me that the only honorable thing to do was to buy the Klingon Rosetta Stone.


3. Geek and Sundry

I’m a big fan of Geek and Sundry (well, pretty much anything that comes out of Felicia Day’s head), and I’ve become a steadfast follower of most of their Vlogs. This “prank” wasn’t something that would fool anyone, but it was still enjoyable and some of the vloggers just nailed their impressions.


4. Machinima

My boyfriend jokingly says that I spend more time watching people talk about video games online than I spend actually playing video games. Due to this, I’ve seen a lot of the controversy on gameplay on YouTube. If it hadn’t been April 1st, Machinima probably would have duped me.


5. Google Maps

Google needs intrepid adventurers to make its maps even better–and everyone knows that the best intrepid adventurers are Pokemon trainers. Or Indiana Jones. But Google went with Pokemon trainers.

I’m about halfway through my attempt to catch ’em all. What about you?


Which April Fools’ pranks and jokes did you think were the best? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Top Five: This Years’ Best April Fools’ Pranks

  1. I’ve said before I hate April Fool’s Day, but the stuff you picked are the kinds of pranks/gotchyas I can enjoy.

    Did you see the “Firefly is returning ala Netflix” piece that went around, though? MAN, I nearly teared up……..

  2. The only ones I saw were the Think Geek and Google ones but I absolutely love the NPR one!! I’d totally be down for buying Rosetta Stone in Klingon, though, lol! But then I never got far with the Japanese version so maybe that’s not my best way to learn a new language. XD And I totally spent 2 days tracking down Pokemon with my son on my phone. I cheated with around 30 of them but I’m actually glad I did because it was fun to see what they put where!

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