Top Five: Co-op/Multiplayer Video Games

My family and I went to Dave and Buster’s on Sunday night, where my brother and I played a few rounds of their new Mario Kart video game (we decided to end on a tie). Some of the best gaming moments are shared with friends: in fact, Lori from and I have a streaming channel on Twitch where we play co-op all the time (end blatant self promotion here). Gaming is a great way to met people, get to know others, and spend time with those that you care about. 

So here are my picks for the Top Five co-op/multiplayer games. Granted, most of these games got on this list because of nostalgic reasons–which means that I’m super excited to hear which games would be on your top five list of games to play with other people :).

Left 4 Dead 2


Left 4 Dead 2 was one of the first video games my boyfriend bought me. I had just moved out to Indiana for a couple years of grad school, and I bought the first Left 4 Dead to play with him (and by myself). Left 4 Dead 2, though, is even better than the first game. The addition of new special zombies and melee weapons really put the game on top. I love the game so much that I own two copies–on my PC and on my Xbox 360–so I can play it with everyone I know.


Super Smash Bros.


Sure, there have been a few entries since the N64 days, but the original will always be the greatest. I will never forget playing this constantly with my brother and sister when we were kids, and then with all my new friends during my freshman year of college. I’ve played Smash with almost everyone that I am close to, so it always fills me with the feels whenever I boot it up.


The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords


The Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game series, and Four Swords is the only Zelda game that you can play with your friends! It follows the typical Zelda formula, and the adventure is great shared. Plus, you can pick up your friends and carry them along as they squirm and complain. Great times for everyone!


Portal 2


Portal is one of the greatest video games ever. I actually prefer Portal to Portal 2, but Portal 2 is still an excellent game. It’s also the only one with co-op, and solving puzzles with another person can be simultaneously the most satisfying and frustrating thing in the world. It is ridiculous amounts of fun, and beating it gives you an incredible sense of achievement.


Ghostbusters: The Video Game


I really shouldn’t have to say anything here–you and your friend get to be Ghostbusters. You bust ghosts. If that isn’t the greatest thing in the world, I don’t know what is. The scoring system at the end of each level allows for more competitive gameplay–or you could play like I did, and compete to see who can rack up the biggest bill for the city at the end of each level. I broke everything. And cackled about it. 


What are your favorite multiplayer games? Let me know in the comics!

6 thoughts on “Top Five: Co-op/Multiplayer Video Games

  1. I love Left for Dead 2 and Borderlands 2. But I am more of a social gamer (with the exception of Tomb Raider and handheld games).
    My absolute FAVORITE multi-player games would have to be Super Smash Bros., Mario Party (6 & 7 especially) and Rock Band 3 (cause I love singing rock and those Sing It and other karaoke games don’t cut it for me).
    ~Joie Fatale

  2. I’m not much of a gamer but I loved playing Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (for the Gamecube), Castle Crashers, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. :)

  3. My favorite is Sniper Elite Nazi Zombies Army 😉

    It’s crazy you made this post! I have a post exactly like this in que to be posted about multiplayer games!! 😛

  4. Toejam & Earl, I think, will always be my number on co-op game! It requires a lot of team work and offers split screen or single screen depending on how close or far the players are to one another. It’s nostalgia heaven and I honestly believe it holds up today!

  5. Great list, and I feel the exact same way when I play the original Smash Bros! I think the old N64 games still have some of the best multiplayer games around (Mario Kart, Mario Party, Goldeneye…).

    For me, I’d also throw the first Halo into the mix – my brother and I occasionally set up the Xbox for a couple rounds of co-op, and I’ve got some great multiplayer memories with friends!

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