Con-At-Home Hangout Announcement!

I’m really excited to tell you guys about this–I have been working on getting things ready for over a month now. I’m part of the Female Geek Bloggers Google+ group that is putting together a series of Google hangouts on tons of geeky topics. The first Hangout is next Tuesday, but the hangouts will usually be on Mondays (but Monday is St. Patrick’s Day, and I need to beer).

Here is the “press release” I put together for the first Hangout:

FGB Con-At-Home Hangout is a bi-weekly Google Hangout session by the Female Geek Blogger Google+ Community. The goal is to bring in the geek community–male and female alike–for a series of talks about our favorite nerdy topics. Each Hangout will feature a panel of superfans ready to talk about those all-important topics–Sci-Fi, Gaming, Cosplay, Books, and tons more! The live format of the Hangout allows for the audience to participate through tweets and comments, sharing their own opinions, posing thought-provoking questions, and participating in ways we often do not get to participate at conventions.

The first Con-At-Home Hangout is on British TV, and will take place this Tuesday, March 18th, at 10/9c. A link will be shared before we go live, and also announced via the hashtag #FGBBritishTV.

This hashtag is also how you participate with the discussion, since the mod will be watching your tweets and bringing in your opinions/stories/questions/anything!
The “British TV” Superfans will be:
Brooke (@brooke_nado) 
Liz L. (@LizLocksley)
Megan Gotch (@thenerdygirlie)
Tillie Elvrum (@TillieElvrum)
Elizabeth Giorgi (@LizGiorgi)
Moderator: Amanda Brand (@Geekphoria1)
Some topics:
Why has British TV become so popular in the US lately?
What is the best British TV show?
The 12th* Doctor
Sherlock Season 3
Who is your favorite doctor/companion?
I hope that you guys join us next Tuesday, and I can’t wait to hear how you all like the Con-At-Home Hangouts!

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