Review: Nailed It! Nail Wraps by Espionage Cosmetics

Hi everyone!

I received my Nailed It! Kickstarter perks from Espionage Cosmetics* on Friday (Valentine’s Day), and today was the day that I finally worked up the courage to put the first set on. I’m not the best when it comes to make-up and that sort of thing, so I was a little nervous about my ability to put on the nail wraps.

I had ten of these beauties show up at my house, though, so I had to get over my nerves and just plunge in (some of them weren’t the ones I ordered, but if they can’t fix it I’m fine with it. I’ll just buy more when they’re available). I chose the Steampunk one because 1) of the ones I received, it was one of the two I was most excited for and 2) I accidentally got two Steampunks, so if I messed it up irreparably, I had a backup.


My beautiful nail wraps.


I was also a little concerned that my giant man hands may also have giant man fingernails, and that there wouldn’t be enough nail wraps that were large enough for my fingers. That wasn’t an issue. I ended up using the five smallest wraps (there are seven sizes in all, which is great).

I started this endeavor by wiping my finger nails with rubbing alcohol–the first step on the Nailed It! instructions. These instructions are really great. Everything is broken down into short and easy steps that give you confidence even if you’re like me and end up bleeding at the end of this (more about that later). 


Then I gathered the supplies–which was only the nail wraps, the awesome Espionage Cosmetics freebie file that came with the perks, and the clear top coat. Then I had to cut open the package (because I was too worried about ripping the wraps), and got to work!

I filmed the process of putting on the nail wraps. I also inadvertantly filmed the process of cutting my finger while putting on the nail wraps, so I hope you guys enjoy watching that :). If I do end up getting “scolded” by the EC team, then I win the bet. Maybe I’ll celebrate with a giveaway.

Putting on the nail wraps was pretty easy. It will probably take me 1/3 of the time next time (today, it took 30 minutes). Next time will probably turn out better because I doubt there will be bloodstains on my wraps. Unless I use the blood splatter nail wraps next. In that case, it’ll just be fake, pretty, sparkly bloodstains.


My top tips for anyone else putting on these wraps would be:

1) Fold the ends of the wraps around the ends of your nails. It makes it easier to file off the excess, and it helps the edges of the wraps to be cleaner. Another perk: it makes it easier to use your fingers to apply the wraps to your other nails!

2) Leave both your pointer fingers and your thumbs for last. I did the other three fingers on each hand first, and then I went back to these nails.

3) Use something sharp to get rid of the excess width on the nail wraps. These are made to fit everyone, so they may not fit exceptionally well on all the edges of every one of your nails. In that case, a couple of light scores with a sharp edge will allow you to just peel the extra away. Just don’t cut yourself. Like I did.


The nice thing about the fact that I ended up bleeding was that I was able to quickly test the nail wraps under water, and they passed with flying colors! Yay, Espionage Cosmetics!

Really, the only problem with these nail wraps is that I’m not able to wear all the wraps at once. I’m going to have to wait a while between new wraps which is great for me (the consumer), but a little disappointing for me (the proud geek girl).

If you can get your hands on some of these wraps (four types are currently available on Think Geek, more will be available soon via Espionage Cosmetics), I would definitely recommend buying ALL OF THE WRAPS. They’re beautiful, they work well, and there’s a design for everyone. If you, too, got a bundle of wraps as Kickstarter perks, let me know which ones you received and how you like them!

Until next time, ladies.

*I love Espionage Cosmetics. I’ve even reviewed their eyeshadow/makeup before. Like last time, I “purchased” these wraps on my own accord and my thoughts and views here are all my own.

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